We provide income tax solutions to business after they have completed their normal tax compliance processes to recover income taxes paid using our professionals and expertise on a contingency basis.  If we can not find a tax refund – there is no cost to you – a perfect business solution. tax refunds save your tax

We represent all types of businesses covering all income taxes levied by Federal, Provincial, and International governments. save your tax

Individual Tax Returns

After you have filed a Individual Tax return the government issue an assessment notice.  You generally have three years, otherwise the opportunity is lost.  If you have paid income tax or eligible for a refundable tax income tax credits, call us at 514-954-8789 and we will review your tax return at no cost to you. tax refunds


Canadian T2sCorporate Tax Returns

After your corporation has completed and filed their tax returns and the government has issued an assessment, Call us at 514-954-8789 for a free review and potential tax refund.  All information will be completely confidential and you have final say on any adjustments that we may propose. tax refunds save your tax

SR&ED Programs

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) programs are Federal and Provincial government programs that provide refundable income tax credits for eligible Salaries and Wages, Materials, Leases, Overhead, and Capital Expenditures.  If you have SR&ED or not sure, call us at 514-954-8789. tax refunds save your tax



Film and Media Tax Credits tax refunds

Canadian and Provincial Film or Video Production Tax Credits, and the Film or Video Production Services Tax Credits provide refundable income tax credits to eligible productions.  If you are funding stage or starting a production call us at 1-514-954-8789 for free consultation. tax refunds